Analog Telephone Adapters

An Analog Telephone Adapter, or ATA, is a device that acts as a hardware interface between an analog phone system and a digital VoIP line. An ATA is not required in computer-to-computer voip (when using soft phones) but is necessary for businesses seeking to continue using their existing hardware. It is best to shop around for an ATA adapter that meets business requirements, remember the most costly option is not always the best in terms of quality.

Telephone Sets

A telephone set is essential for voice over IP as it provides the input and output device between both parties. There are several types of phones available for use with VoIP service, including hardphones and soft phones. Most businesses find that they receive better quality with hardphones, as soft phones usually require USB headsets.

Voice Over IP Router

A router is a device necessary for Internet connectivity. The type of router needed is dependant upon the Internet connection used. For example, businesses with a wireless Internet connection will require a wireless router.

Computer Handsets

Some businesses decide to use a handset, handsets resemble telephones but connect directly to a computer via a USB port. They are used predominately with soft phone applications.

Computer Headset

Headsets are also used predominately with soft phones, or in cases where people are always on the phone. A headset is designed to allow the users to both hear audio and input voice using an attached microphone.

IP Voice