Why businesses need to use an ActiveAir Fibre solution?

Our ActiveAir Wireless Broadband internet offers a real competitive alternative to traditional land line based internet service networks for both consumer and enterprise applications. ActiveAir Fibre is particularly suited for high speed internet traffic, VoIP, HD content, backup to terrestrial networks, Virtual private network and temporary services.

Suitable for clients who are situated in areas where Fixed Line Ethernet is not available. It can also be used as a backup service to an existing fixed line product. Offering speeds up to 1gbps, covering areas from a few hundred square meters to many square kilometres. It is ideal for rural environments with minimal infrastructure.

ActiveAir Wireless Broadband is typically part of a wireless WAN infrastructure connecting two fixed locations (such as buildings) with a directional radio antenna at each end. It is designed for various weather conditions, signal distances and bandwidths up to 1000mbps. It's a cost-effective and extremely flexible way of enabling data communications between sites and providing access to the internet without the need for leasing and/or installing new cables.