Why Choose ActiveVoice?

Make big phone bills and expensive PABX boxes a thing of the past, here’s why:

  • Everything Made Easy

    It’s time to ditch the hardware and move to the cloud. Sit back, relax, our technical guys will configure and manage the whole thing for you. Security and call quality is guaranteed.

  • Lower Call Costs

    ActiveVoice uses the internet, and therefore no longer at the mercy of the big Telcos. Call costs will be slashed to a fraction of what you’re paying now.

  • Save Money on Line Rentals

    With a standard PSTN phone service you need to pay line rental for each line regardless if they’re used. With ActiveVoice you pay for lines needed for concurrent use.

  • Built to Grow with Your Business

    ActiveVoice can grow from 1 to 1000 employees without the need to make any changes. Just add another handset and it can be brought online within minutes.

  • Crystal Clear Call Quality & Reach

    ActiveVoice supports a range of High Definition audio options to choose from.

  • Keep Your Phone Numbers

    We can port your number directly onto ActiveVoice so it works and sounds exactly like it did before. It’s a quick and painless process.

Bundled Pre-Paid Plans

With ActiveVoice Pre-Paid Call Bundles you pay a set amount each month without surprises. Capped Local, national and mobiles calls to over 20 countries. Keeps your communication costs under control.

Pay-As-You-Go & Unlimited Plans

With ActiveVoice Pay–As–You–Go, choose from Timed or Untimed (All you can eat) calling plan with a range of included free Local, National, mobile or 1300 packages. Change these to a bundled Plan at any time or scale up or down as your business needs change. Ask your Account Manager about custom pricing and plans

Active Voice Call Features

  • Area Based Routing

    Control where your calls are answered dependent on where the location of the caller, configurable by state, postcode and more.

  • Auto–attendant (IVR)

    Professional audio greeting and menu based call routing controls without the need for hardware or a phone system. (press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Support etc.)

  • Call Distribution & Simultaneous Ring

    Receive calls on your work phone, mobile and home phone simultaneously, or distribute calls to multiple locations, using hunt groups, ratio plans, overflow, ring–all–at–once controls and more.

  • Call Queuing

    Queue calls so that you never miss a call and your customers never get the engaged tone. (Unlimited capacity queue.)

  • Call Recording

    CCall Recording is available on all inbound & Outbound calls. Perfect for audio contracts and agreements. Calls are stored securely online for you to access any time.

  • Caller ID Masking/Call Privacy

    Choose whether to make anonymous calls or mask your caller ID with a local, mobile or national number.

  • Custom Caller Tunes & Hold Music

    Setup custom hold music and messages by uploading any MP3 file.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Preconfigure alternative call routing plans that can be switched on and off instantly for a single or multiple services simultaneously.

  • Emailed Missed Called Alerts

    Receive email alerts providing the details of all missed calls.

  • Everyday Essential Features

    Voicemail, Speed Dial, Dial by Name, Extension Dialling, Calendar & Alarm calls, Last Number Redial and Call Return, to name a few. See website for the full list.

  • Live Call Reporting

    View an array of reporting on calls live in real time. Call reporting is accessed online or via the mobile app, including live call and queue stats.reporting.

  • Presence & BLF

    Enable so others can monitor your line status for Presence and Busy Lamp Field functionality.

  • Remote Call Back/Dial Tone

    Call your own number from any phone, ActiveVoice will call you back so you can initiate the call using your own number.

  • Time/Day/Date Call Routing

    Control and schedule how calls are handled based on time of day, day of week, and also calendar date based call routing.

  • Video Conferencing

    Meet in the Cloud, Anytime, Anywhere. Up to 20 separate meeting rooms with whiteboards, file sharing and chat.

  • Virtual Fax – Fax to Email

    Send and receive faxes from your email account. Set up phone numbers to receive faxes and deliver to any email address.

  • Whisper Announcement

    Play an announcement to your staff that lets them know who is calling.

  • AFT Communicate Softphone App

    Take your local number with you anywhere in the world.